Croatian Association of Teachers of English

Materials from 2020 coference

14/11/2020 → Primary + YLE

21/11/2020 → Secondary school

28/11/2020 → All

Conference Sponsors

HUPE thanks all the sponsors for making 27th Annual International HUPE Conference important 








Dear 28th Annual International HUPE Conference participants,
Here is the Accommodation form which you can fill in and send directly to the hotel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HUPE informs you that the association itself doesn't do accommodation registrations or reservations, and has no influence on the prices and the offers Valamar Hotels present.
Also, if you have any questions, please contact the hotel directly.

Thank you and see you in Poreč!

Past HUPE conferences

  Date Venue Keynote Speakers
1 06-08 May 1993 Zagreb,
Školska knjiga
Vladimir Ivir, David Newby, Alan McLean, Alan Duff, Jim Wingate, Agnes Enyedi, Kathy Koop
2 28-30 April 1994 Zagreb,
Otvoreno sveučilište
Sonja Bašić, Jelena Mihaljević-Djigunović, Marisol Gower, David Newby, Sheelagh Deller, Angi Maldarez, Juliana Mutti
3 27-30 April 1995 Brela, Hotel Soline Damir Kalogjera, Simon Greenall, Ken Wilson, Sheelagh Deller, Dave Allan, Gwen Jones, Mark Davies
4 25-28 April 1996 Opatija,
Hotel Ambasador
Janja Ciglar Žanić, Niall Henderson, Alex Martin, Leo Jones, Martin Doolan, Mark Davies
5 24-27 April 1997 Opatija,
Hotel Adriatic
Milena Žic Fuchs, Martin Mongomery, Robin Mackenzie, Andrew Wright, Leslie Eble, David Hill, Susan Sherin, Michael Swan, Peter Madgyes
6 23-26 April 1998 Opatija,
Hotel Ambasador
Tatjana Jukić Gregurić, Michael Lewis, Dave Allan, Nick Owen, Ken Wilson, Jean Zukowski Faust, Sheila Ward, Robert Oprandy, Robin Mackenzie
7 22-25 April 1999 Pula,
Hotel Histria
David Crystal, Rod Bolitho, Peter Grundy, Tessa Woodward, Mary McQuillen, Robin Mackenzie
8 27-30 April 2000 Opatija,
Hotel Ambasador
Maja Bratanić, David Baker, Cheri Boyer, Peter Moor, Paul Trigg, Michael Gammidge
9 26-29 April 2001 Zadar,
Faculty of Philosophy
Stipe Grgas, Ian Brown, Matej Mužina, Angie Malderez, Tom Hutchinson, Nick Dawson, Rod Bolitho, Hugh Dellar, Ken Wilson
10 25-28 April 2002 Pula,
Hotel Histria
Sonia Bičanić, Peter Madgyes, Kari Smith, David Newby, Jerry Gebhard, Sheelagh Deller, Christina Latham Koenig, Tonya Trappe, David Hill
11 10-13 April 2003 Pula,
Hotel Histria
Jelena Mihaljević-Djigunović, Roy Cross, Ruth Urbom, Sara Denne Bolton, Mike Solly
12 22-25 April 2004 Pula,
Hotel Histria
Mirjana Vilke, Annette Chapel, Scott Thornbury, Hugh Deller, Steve Lever
13 21-24 April 2005 Dubrovnik,
Hotel Argosy
Michael Berman, Gary Weaver, Michael Hoey, Allan Douglas, Steve Lever
14 20-23 April 2006 Šibenik,
Henry Widowson, Michael Swan, Simon Marshall, David Evans, Colin Finnerty, Lisa Broomhead, Sanja Čurković-Kalebić
15 12-15 April 2007 Šibenik,
Catherine Walter, Adrian Tennant, Marta Medved Krajnović, Hilary Jenkins, Candy Fresacher, Susan Braidi
16 24-27 April 2008 Šibenik,
Višnja Pavičić Takač, Agens Enyedi, Glynn Kirkham, Michael McCarthy, Mark Andrews
17 16-19 April 2009 Opatija,
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Sanja Čurković-Kalebić, George Pickering, Piotr Steinbrich, Olha Madylus, Rob Dean, Martyn Clarke, Rachel Clark, Vivian Walker, Gareth Davies, Lisa Harshbarger, Mark Andrews
18 15-18 April 2010 Opatija,
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Marija Omazić, Wendy Arnold, David Cotton, Phil Dexter, Mark Andrews, Paul Gibson, Lisa Harshbarger
19 7-10 April 2011 Opatija,
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Mirna Radišić, Judy Copage, Gary Anderson, Anne O’Keefe, Mark Andrews, Robert Chatwin, Lisa Harshbarger
20 19-22 April, 2012 Opatija,
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Marija Andraka, David Crystal, Lindsay Clandfield, Piotr Steibrich, Olha Madylus, Ken Wilson, Jeremy Day, Gerry McIntosh, Alison Haill, Damian Ross, Mark Andrews, Martyn Clarke, Maja Sirola, Deborah Capras, Rebecca Charry Roje, Fred Ovey, Deborah Cain, Andy Poole, George Pappas, Grenville Yeo
21 18-21 April, 2013 Opatija,
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Gary Anderson, Robin Walker, Dr. David Nunan, Michael Swan, Irena Vodopija Krstanović, Robert Dean
22 25-27 April 2014 Opatija,
Grand Hotel Adriatic
Olinka Breka, Karen Saxby, Grant Kempton, Jamie Keddie, Marie Delaney, Mark Andrews
23 24-26 April 2015 Šibenik,
Evelina Miščin, Gary Anderson, Paul Dummett, Deborah Healey, Gwendydd Caudwell, Philip Warwick
24 8-10 April, 2016 Šibenik, Solaris Boris Jokić, Catherine Walter, Suzanne Mordue, Olha Madylus, Steve Oakes, Sarah Giles
25 24-26 March, 2017 Šibenik, Solaris Renata Geld, Jon Hird, Jeremy Harmer, Johanna Stirling,Steve Lever, Paul Braddock
26 20-22 April, 2018 Valamar, Poreč
Anna Martinović, Mike Mayor, Luciana C de Oliveira, Penny Ur, Gail Ellis
27 12-14 April 2019 Valamar, Poreč Stela Letica Krevelj, Deborah Healey, Jen MacArthur


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