Croatian Association of Teachers of English

HUPE beginnings or how it was 29 years ago

The HUPE story began at the meeting held on 23 June 1992. The members of the Initiative Committee Jasna Jemeršić, Vera Pradegan, Lidvina Štokić, Višnja Anić, Vera Kmajski, Milvija Marković, Alida Matković, Melita Jurković, Kata Bolf and Naima Balić made a decision about organizing a constituent assembly of Croatian Association of Teachers of English.

Their proposal was accepted and the first constituent assembly was held on 30 June 1992. HUPE – Hrvatsko udruženje profesora engleskog jezika (Croatian Association of Teachers of English) was formed on that day and its Executive Board was elected.

Members of the first Executive Board were
President: Jasna Jemeršić
Vice president: Milvija Marković
Secretary: Melita Jurković
Treasurer: Alida Matković

Associated members:
Naima Balić – Sekretarijat za prosvjetu grada Zagreba (Education Secretariat/Department of the City of Zagreb)
Jasna Bilinić Zubak – Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb
Verica Zorić – Školska knjiga, publishing house
Branka Šarinić – British Council
Ana Picelj – USIS – American Embassy

It was decided that the HUPE aims and goals will be related to cooperation within profession and promotion of professional collegiality within association and on national and international level. Professional growth and development as well as strengthening English teachers' identity and protection of EL teachers' status and professional dignity within the education system of the Republic of Croatia are of great importance. HUPE will support its members in development and improvement of their teaching and practice.

Croatian Ministry of Education was officially informed about the association's foundation on 21 September 1992. The Minister of Education at the time was Ms Vesna Girardi Jukić.

First change in the HUPE Statute happened in autumn 1992, when associate members were abolished and the Supervisory Board was formed. Its members were Dunja Vićan, Krešimir Štajnoher and Vida Nikpalj.

The first HUPE Newletter was printed out in 110 copies on 1 December 1992. First HUPE Journal was printed on 1 March 1995. The first HUPE Conference was held in Zagreb 3-8 May 1993. It took place at Školska knjiga with 23 lecturers from Croatia and abroad taking part.

HUPE and International Associations
CRO – TESOL Association was founded by Irena Zubčević in December 1991, and by the end of 1992 HUPE IATEFL Croatia Branch was founded, too.
In 1993 HUPE became IATEFL&TESOL Affiliation with Sanja Grbić as IATEFL Representative and Irena Zubčević as TESOL Representative.
In 1994 HUPE became a member of NELLE (Networking English Language in Europe).

HUPE Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Thanks to all the HUPE members, its Executive and Supervisory Board, today HUPE is still a respectable, professional association of teachers of English in Croatia with hundreds of its members, eleven branches (Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Karlovac, Zagreb, Zagorje, Varaždin, Osijek, Istra, Dubrovnik and Slavonski Brod) and twenty-ninesuccessfully organized conferences. HUPE Executive Committee together with active participation of its members and support of national and international partners and colleagues, publishing houses and all the others involved in EL teaching and learning works on its aims and plans future projects. Since November 2013 HUPE has its magazine – The HUPEzine which will be published on-line together with the HUPE Newsletter.


HUPE journal editors
1 Issue 1 – 1995 Višnja Anić i Gwen Jones
2 Issue 2 – 1998 Vera Krnajski Hršak
Newsletter editors
1 1992. Jasna Jemeršić
2 1993. – 1997. Jasna Jemeršić, Vera Krnajski Hršak i Nina Lizst
3 1997. Vera Krnajski Hršak i Marina Manucci
4 1998. Vesna Vyroubal, Marina Manucci, Vera Krnjaski Hršak i Jasenka Šafran
5 1999. – 2001. Vesna Vyroubal
6 2002. Marina Manucci, Jasenka Šafran
7 2003. – 2005. Marina Manucci
8 2005. – 2009. Zoran Birimiša
9 2009. - 2011. Sonja Novak
10 2011. - 2015. Lidija Branilović
11 2015. - 2017. Dajana Vukadin
12 2017. - 2019. Dajana Vukadin
13 2019. - 2022. Anita Žepina


Presidents & Representatives

  YEAR HUPE President IATEFL Associate Representative TESOL President
1 1992. Jasna Jemeršić - Irena Zubčević
2 1993. Jasna Jemeršić Sanja Grbić Vera Krnajski Hršak
3 1994. Jasna Jemeršić / Višnja Anić Sanja Grbić Vera Krnajski Hršak
4 1995. Višnja Anić Sanja Grbić Vera Krnajski Hršak
5 1996. Nina Lizst Diana Haniš Vera Krnajski Hršak / Dunja Vićan
6 1997. Nina Lizst / Marina Manucci Diana Haniš Dunja Vićan
7 1998. Marina Manucci Diana Haniš Dunja Vićan / Daška Domljan
8 1999. Marina Manucci Diana Haniš /Anja Lončarić Daška Domljan
9 2000. Marina Manucci Anja Lončarić Daška Domljan
10 2001. Marina Manucci / Vesna Vyroubal Anja Lončarić Božana Knežević
11 2002. Vesna Vyroubal Anja Lončarić Božana Knežević
12 2003. Vesna Vyroubal Ana Martinović Nina Vladović-Relja
13 2004. Vesna Vyroubal Ana Martinović Nina Vladović-Relja
14 2005. Vesna Vyroubal/ Ana Martinović Ana Martinović / Tatjana Mioković Nina Vladović-Relja / Maja Jerčić
15 2006. Ana Martinović Tatjana Mioković Maja Jerčić
16 2007. Ana Martinović/Tatjana Mioković Tatjana Mioković / Ivana Cindrić Maja Jerčić
17 2008. Tatjana Mioković Ivana Cindrić Maja Jerčić
18 2009. Tatjana Mioković / Ksenija Rumora Ivana Cindrić / Koraljka Pejić Maja Jerčić / Suzana Mihelčić
19 2010. Ksenija Rumora Koraljka Pejić Suzana Mihelčić
20 2011. Ksenija Rumora Marina Hadžiomerović Gordana Bujanić /
Sandra Ćurjurić 
21 2012. Ksenija Rumora Marina Hadžiomerović Sandra Trinajstić
22 2013. Ksenija Rumora/
Marinko Uremović 
Marina Hadžiomerović Sandra Trinajstić /Suzana Anić-Antić
23 2014. Marinko Uremović Marina Hadžiomerović Suzana Anić-Antić
24 2015. Marinko Uremović / Sanja Božinović Suzana Anić-Antić Suzana Anić-Antić
25 2016. Sanja Božinović Suzana Anić-Antić Suzana Anić-Antić
26 2017. Sanja Božinović Suzana Anić Antić
Irena Pavlović
Suzana Anić Antić
Irena Pavlović
27 2018. Anita Jokić Petra Blajić Nino Sertić
28 2019. Anita Jokić Petra Blajić Nino Sertić
29 2020. Anita Jokić Petra Blajić Nino Sertić


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