Croatian Association of Teachers of English

Membership benefits

How can you get involved? How can HUPE membership benefit you?

  • You can read and hear about the latest developments in ELT.
  • You can get a free subscription to HUPE Newsletter.
  • You can get IATEFL Issues from your local branch representative.
  • You can attend HUPE annual conferences at the reduced membership rate.
  • You can make contacts with teachers world-wide on a 1-1 basis and get advice and ideas on how to teach students from a different perspective.
  • Teachers who are accepted as speakers at international conferences can apply for the Speakers Scholarship.
  • You can stand for elections to one of the SIG committees or the HUPE Executive Committee.
  • You can participate at HUPE Branch or SIG meetings and workshops.
  • You can get teaching ideas for tomorrow's lesson.

HUPE has become IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English) branch and is affiliated to TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

HUPE maintains contacts with The British Council and the United States Information Service and other international associations, and it will take advantage of any assistance it can provide in organising an event, making speakers available, etc. Through its Newsletter, web page, HUPE Yahoogroup, we let our members know what, when and where something is happening. We try to bring services and benefits to distant members as well as those who have easier access to participate in the activities.



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