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Certificate of Attendance 2023

You can find your certificates here. In case someone's certificate is missing, we apologize in advance, and kindly ask you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certificate of Attendance 2023


This year we are again organising a book swap at the HUPE Conference in Poreč.

If you have some CDs, textbooks or some relevant ESL books which you do not need but you think others might want and use, please bring them to the Conference where you will be able to leave them at a book swap desk. You will also be able to take what other people have left there that might be of interest to you.



Here you can have a look at the final programme for our 31ST HUPE conference. Any unavoidable last-minute changes will be published on our HUPE notice boards in front of the Diamant Hall at the Conference or using a QR code that will be provided in our Conference brochure.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the conference and we especially thank all the speakers for their application. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Poreč!

HUPE Conference programme 2023

Anne Wiseman: The future of English: implications for teachers

31st Annual International HUPE Conference
20 – 22 October 2023
Valamar, Poreč 

Anne Wiseman: The future of English: implications for teachers


Dr Anne Wiseman has worked in the field of English and education for over 20 years and is currently Regional English Lead for the British Council in EU Europe. Her areas of focus are measuring the impact of English projects and developing language education projects to support teachers working in a multilingual context. Anne has vast experience of teaching, teacher training and managing education projects in countries across the world, including Egypt, China, the Middle East, Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Peru, Lebanon, and most recently Sudan and Ethiopia. She has published various books and articles on the topics of inclusive education and teaching in multilingual classrooms. Anne has an MA in Applied Linguistics and a Doctorate in Education which focuses on evaluating the long-term impact of education interventions.


We are living through a period where the pace of change seems relentless. This changing world has implications for the use and the teaching of the English language. Change creates opportunities. Opportunities to reflect, to be in the moment and also to think about the future. We will briefly reflect on where we think we are very generally in the area of English language teaching now. Then, importantly, we will suggest implications for English language teachers to think about as we move forward into a world where the education space and the stakeholders have changed. To frame our presentation, we will discuss the findings of the Future of English programme initiated by the British Council in 2020. The Future of English (FoE) is a multi-phase research project with the aim of identifying key trends that will define the role of English as a global language in the coming decade, and the issues and opportunities for countries around the world in achieving their goals for the use of English in their contexts. This is not the first time work has been done on trying to foresee the future direction of the English language and its role in teaching and learning. Existing studies (Graddol, 1997 and 2006) have been reviewed and findings from these reviews form the basis of the Future of English project. Teachers and learners have been at the forefront of discussion and debate as education systems have attempted to navigate new learning environments to ensure the continued provision of high-quality, effective teaching and learning. This presentation will discuss findings from the project which illuminate the role of the English teacher in a world that has recently seen dramatic change and disruption. Together, we can create an environment that nurtures our growth, leading to enriched language learning experiences for our students and ourselves.

anne wiseman

Embassy of Ireland in Zagreb will support our work

cloverHUPE is proud to announce that our friends at the Embassy of Ireland in Zagreb will support our work by joining us at the 31st Annual International Conference in Poreč with a special treat - an exhibition about the life and work of Seamus Heaney.

Join us in Poreč from 20 - 22 October!



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