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Milan Mandeljc: Tying the loose ends

31st Annual International HUPE Conference
20 – 22 October 2023
Valamar, Poreč 

Milan Mandeljc: Tying the loose ends


Milan Mandeljc –  What's in a name? - An almost seasoned secondary school teacher who loves to masticate on words. - A writer who hopes to find a way into people’s hearts. - A father of three who survives by trial and error. - A man who is hopelessly in awe of nature. A dreamer of a better world.

On a more serious note, Milan Mandeljc studied English and Russian and completed a semester on Creative Writing and Acting at St.Mary's College of Maryland. He has taught at Rudolf Maister Grammar and Vocational School (Kamnik, Slovenia) for more than a decade and has also taught elective classes at University. He sits on the board of the Slovene National English Competition for Secondary Schools (IATEFL) and authors a variety of materials and is a seminar lecturer at national and foreign conferences.


Many subjects are faced with students’ iterant questions: “Why do we have to do this? Where does this particular topic go? There’s no point behind all of this, is there?” Naturally, English is no stranger to these, but there are ways to take the loose threads of our beautiful subject and weave them back into the tapestry so even students may notice it!

In this workshop I plan to present some activities that tie together a school year and, if planned carefully, sometimes the entire four years of secondary school that just might change the way students perceive your classes. Oftentimes, your answers should precede their deepest doubts and questions to ease the unnecessary tension. Additionally, audience input will be much appreciated!




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