Croatian Association of Teachers of English

What is HUPE

What does HUPE do?

HUPE (Croatian Association of Teachers of English) is a professional association of people who are involved in ELT. It was set up in June 1992. As a vibrant professional association, it is continually evolving to meet its members' interests and needs in the range of activities that it undertakes.

What are HUPE aims? 

  • To promote and support the teaching of English and teacher education,
  • To promote professional collegiality and cooperation on national and international level,
  • To foster the exchange of ideas, resources, information and experiences amongst language teachers,
  • To disseminate information about language learning,
  • To provide teachers with opportunities for continuous professional development,
  • To provide a consultative service for language teachers,
  • To provide benefits for members,
  • To establish and maintain contacts with international organizations,
  • To organize lectures, meetings, workshops, study groups, conferences,
  • To start projects related to language teaching, education and culture,
  • To represent language teachers in dealing with government and other official bodies on professional matters,
  • To benefit English language teachers to raise the level of professionalism through ELT.




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