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Nathan Meyer: Navigating the Digital Landscape: Empowering Teachers as Media Literacy Advocates

31st Annual International HUPE Conference
20 – 22 October 2023
Valamar, Poreč 

Nathan Meyer: Navigating the Digital Landscape: Empowering Teachers as Media Literacy Advocates


Nathan Meyer is an associate professor of writing and rhetoric at the University of Utah's Asia Campus in South Korea.  From 2014-17 he was a US State Department English Language Fellow in Serbia and Moldova where he lectured at universities, developed curriculum, trained teachers, and promoted post-conflict resolution through arts projects in former Yugoslavia.  As a higher education instructional consultant, he has built media literacy programs throughout Eastern Europe, developed public speaking curriculum in Turkey, and developed nation-wide pedagogy programs in Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Hungary.  At the University of Utah Asia Campus, as chair of the Faculty Development Committee he promotes student-centered pedagogies and his current research focuses on media literacy through written and visual rhetoric.


In the digital age, media literacy is no longer an optional skill; it is a fundamental competency necessary to thrive in a world saturated with misinformation and digital manipulation.  To meet this challenge, the role of educators must extend beyond traditional pedagogical boundaries by teaching the next generation to understand, analyze, and evaluate media content. This presentation addresses that challenge by providing educators with tools and strategies to foster media literacy skills in students and help them navigate the Information Age’s rapidly evolving media landscape. Together, we can create an environment that nurtures our growth, leading to enriched language learning experiences for our students and ourselves.

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