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This year, HUPE is once again hosting HUPE Day where everyone interested has an opportunity to participate in Zoom talks by experts in the field of education, learn something new and get inspired from the comfort of your home.

On April 20, 2024, join us online to listen to the talks, participate in our annual general meeting and hear the news of our latest teacher education in the UK.

All the details on how to join and more information about the speakers and the topics of their speech can be found in the programme.

HUPE in Storyland journey - ranking

Dear HUPE in Storyland participants, mentors, and students,

first of all, we wish to thank you again for participating in HUPE in Storyland journey.
It was a pleasure to get a glimpse of imaginary worlds, characters, and adventures shared with us through your stories.
The final ranking list is on this link.

We are thrilled to send a note of appreciation to teacher mentors for your cooperation, patience, and dedication in supporting your students, inventing passwords, and sending and resending the stories, You can download your certificates from this link: Certificates (participants).

Finally, we are thrilled to congratulate and applaud the winners of HUPE in Storyland competition in all three categories.
Your prizes will arrive shortly after your students choose gadgets via Google Form that will be sent to you. The packages for the students include 9 Modra lasta goodie bags containing a Reading club program, a wireless reading lamp, a set of coasters, a folder, a notebook, and a to-do sheet. The packages for all nine teachers include a table calendar, a to-do sheet, a weekly planner, ŠK newspaper, and a book (Vibracija uspjeha). HUPE offers the teacher mentors a free conference fee and gadgets of choice for our students.
Your certificates on this link: Certificates (winners) - Students, Certificates (winners) - Teachers.

All stories will be published in a digital compilation of short stories - Storyland almanac. If, for any reason, you don't wish your student's story published, please indicate so by sending us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We sincerely hope all the young writers will continue to polish up their writing skills and play this game of finding and spreading beauty in written words. We also hope their teachers will continue to guide them and encourage them through this adventure.

HUPE team will continue to offer the platform for your creativity, talent, and the magic of storytelling.

See you next year,
your HUPE team

Master course E-LINGO

University of Education Freiburg/Germany invites all of the interested techers to join their Master´s course E-LINGO Teaching English to young learners. 

The course qualifies for the teaching of English in primary and preschools. It is offered at the 
University of Education Freiburg / Germany in a part-time blended-learning or online format which makes it an ideal form of professional development for practicing teachers. 

Applications for the course which will start in October 2024 are now open. 

More Information can be found on and in the flyer.

The second HUPE Osijek branch meeting in school year 2023-2024

The second HUPE Osijek branch meeting in school year 2023-2024 was held on Saturday, 16 March 2024 at the Faculty of Education in Osijek. 24 HUPE members attended the meeting which lasted for four hours.

The agenda included:

1) Katarina Berać Vuić: Acting for dummies: Fairy tales development

2) Mirjana Zubak Mičetić: Implementing Magic of AI

3) Mirna Erk & Ksenija Benčina: The road that made all the difference 20 years ago: EFL teachers to young learners in Croatia

4) HUPE news

The first workshop, titled Acting for dummies: Fairy tales development, was held by Katarina Berać Vuić from Gimnazija Županja. In an interactive hour-long workshop, Katarina presented numerous creative and simple drama activities in which our students can act out well-known stories and fairy tales in the classroom, and turn them into short plays of 3 to 5 minutes. The participants had a lot of fun trying out most of the presented drama activities culminating in the performances of different fairy tales as frozen images.

The second workshop, titled Implementing Magic of AI, was held by HUPE Zagreb branch president Mirjana Zubak Mičetić from OŠ Bogumila Tonija in Samobor. Mirjana introduced all the possibilities artificial intelligence tool Magic School can offer to teachers to help them lessen their workload, including its advantages and disadvantages. She showcased some of the practical activities and then the participants took part in a scavenger hunt where they had to explore the mentioned AI tool themselves.

The third talk titled The road that made all the difference 20 years ago: EFL teachers to young learners in Croatiawas held by Mirna Erk and Ksenija Benčina from the Faculty of Education in Osijek. Mirna and Ksenija presented the results of the survey they conducted with lower-primary EFL teachers to explore their job satisfaction, as well as the current situation in which many subject specialists increasingly teach lower-primary students. They also shared their respondents’ insightful perceptions, comments, and recommendations which started a productive discussion amongst the participants.

The participants were also informed about the news in HUPE including the winners of the 4th National Writing Competition – HUPE in Storyland, the plans to organize the teacher training course in Liverpool in July, HUPE’s new partner associations and their conferences, future professional development events such as HUPE Day planned for 20 April 2024 with international speakers, new edition of HUPEzine, and many more.

HUPE Osijek is extremely grateful to the speakers and all the members who attended the meeting, actively participated in the workshops and discussions, and created a great atmosphere for chatting and sharing ideas. Hopefully, we will see you at our next meeting in May.  

Adrijana Roždijevac
HUPE Osijek Branch President



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