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The fourth and the last Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch meeting

The fourth and the last Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch meeting in this school year was held on May 3, 2017 and was attended by 14 teachers.

We started off with a workshop Teaching English with CLIL run by Nikolina Reder (sponsored by Alfa). Ms Reder presented wonderful ways of motivating our students for work and raising their interest in cross-curricular topics. A lively discussion developed on best ways of teaching content language and language itself.

Three students attending second grade of Ekonomsko-birotehnička škola (Julija Lubina, Aneta Grgić and Nensi Dubac) shared with us their experience of English all around Festival which was held in Zagreb in March this year. They won the third place in the Film category. They also presented their video Rural Tourism to English teachers attending the meeting.

After that we watched a presentation on 25 years of HUPE, prepared by Ms Dubravka Despot and shown at this year's HUPE conference. We found our colleagues and friends in the pictures and remembered many wonderful moments at the conferences we have attended.

Finally, we (unanimously) elected the new president of Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch, Ms Nikolina Pranjić, who is going to take over the branch with the beginning of the new school year.

I would like to make this report a bit personal and say a few things about being a HUPE member "on the other side" (a member of the Executive Board). Over the past four years I have really enjoyed working with all members of the board(s). I have met a lot of wonderful, energetic, creative and enthusiastic people willing to invest their time and effort for the greater good – the good of all English teachers in Croatia. I really look forward to meeting them all and chatting with them at HUPE conferences in the future.

I don't hope, but know that HUPE will continue to grow and attract many more awesome people like Marinko, Sanja, Ivana, Željka, Dubravka, Sara, Ana, Lidija, Suzana, Adela, Dajana, Lana, Dubravka, Davorka, Anita, Fani, Branka... I hope I have not left anyone out.

Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch President
Mirta Kos Kolobarić



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