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HUPE - Karlovac Branch fourth meeting

HUPE – Branch Karlovac ran its fourth meeting in the school year 2017/2018 on Thursday, 29 March 2018 at 12 00 a.m. in Industry and Trade Vocational School, Domobranska 2, Karlovac

The workshop was organised in cooperation with the British Council and HUPE and run by Stephen Hindlaugh, a teacher with more then thirty years of experience. His experience includes working in the learning support department of a secondary school in the UK as well as being a tutor for the British Council’s online Special Educational Needs course and delivering face-to-face SEN workshops in Croatia.

A part of such rich experience was shared with teachers of English last Thursday through the workshop Gifted ans Talented Learners. Although the workshop lasted for 4 school periods, it was very interesting and insightful. It helped teachers make their teaching more inclusive and more effective with students with special needs

Teachers first investigated the different types of gifted and talented learners and considered the issues these learners face in class. Then we considered a range of effective strategies for helping gifted and talented learners to reach their full potential, making all parties in the learning process more satisfied /gifted and talented learners, a teacher and the rest of the class/.

In the end of the meeting all participants entered a prize draw to win an additional  SEN online module of their choice. The prize was won by a new HUPE member

According to the feedback, all participants were more then happy with this workshop and hope to see more such welldone workshops in cooperation with British Council.

The meeting was attended by eleven teachers and two students.

Dubravka Lapčić,
HUPE-Branch Karlovac President



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