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The second HUPE Dubrovnik Branch meeting in 2022-2023

The second HUPE Dubrovnik Branch meeting in 2022-2023 took place at Osnovna škola Blato in Blato on May 27, 2023. 


  1. Poem as a motivational tool for discussion and mediation, Silvija Pećanac Bačić 
  2. Job Shadowing in Joensuu, Finland, Marija Lipanović
  3. The Pleasures of Edinburgh, Silvana Radulović
  4. HUPE news

Eleven members attended the meeting. Four members joined us online, through HUPE Dubrovnik Teams channel. 

The first speaker was Silvija Pećanac Bačić from SŠ Vela Luka, who held an interesting workshop, inviting the colleagues to join the activities about using poems as a motivational tool for discussion and mediation. We all gladly participated in the workshop, analyzing a poem, discussing, mediating, and having fun.

Marija Lipanović from OŠ Smokvica, who had visited Finland as a part of the Erasmus+ programme in her school, shared her experience of job shadowing in two primary and one vocational Finnish school. She pointed out some similarities and differences between Finnish and Croatian education systems. emphasizing that every education system has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Our unforgettable trip to Scotland, organized by HUPE in April 2023, inspired Silvana Radulović from Gimnazija Dubrovnik to remind us once again of the pleasures of Edinburgh. She told the story of Scotland day by day and showed us some beautiful pictures she took there. I hope her enthusiasm will motivate other HUPE members to visit this amazing country in August.

I wish to thank all HUPE enthusiasts who attended the meeting and shared their experiences and ideas with us in a pleasant, cooperative atmosphere. 

Jelica Šeparović
HUPE Dubrovnik Branch President




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