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The first HUPE Rijeka Branch meeting was held at Gradska knjižnica Rijeka, ogranak Trsat – American Corner in Rijeka on September 21st, 2019. Sixteen members attended the meeting. 

The agenda included:

  • HUPE Rijeka presidential election
  • Anita Jokić: Power of Women
  • Gracijela Orobabić: How to teach “Domain B”? No Biggie or OMG?
  • AOB

 HUPE Rijeka Branch held elections for the new branch president. We proudly announce that the new HUPE Rijeka Branch President is our dear and active member Dario Abram.

The first workshop was held by Anita Jokić, from Prva riječka hrvatska gimnazija. The workshop focuses on role and position of women through history and focuses on six women who changed our perspective (Billy Jean, Princess Diana, Malala, Rosa Parks, etc.). Students take a look at six biographies (they do research and watch videos, materials provided). They learn about the changes the women made and why these women are important. Carefully selected songs are used to connect the historical events with modern times and position of women in modern world. Several short videos are shown to help understand the position on women through various periods, and how these 6 particular individuals helped women all over the world. Students play a quiz, do a bit of acting (interviews), do a group research using ‘old-school internet’– printed out articles on paper and hung around the room. Students have questions and need to find the answers in the articles. Based on the information they have gathered and using photos they are given – they create a newspaper cover celebrating various important life moments in lives of these women.

The second workshop was held by Gracijela Orobabić from primary school Gornja Vežica. "Teaching Domain B - No Biggie or OMG?" - “Domain B“  outcomes give learners an opportunity to learn not just the facts about the target English speaking country and its people, culture,values, custums and traditions but also better understand and accept and respect other people's cultural identity. Teachers can choose teaching materials that will encourage learner's development of social and life skills such as critical cultural awareness, adaptability and intermediation as well as accept cultural differences, become tolerant, be able to establish intercultural social contact and be ready for cooperation and compromise. Workshop on different types of teaching materials about Thanksgiving and exchange of ideas among teachers as well as discussion about the best ways to achieve “Domain B“ outcomes will help us become aware of the possibility to prepare lessons on hospitality, tolerance, caring, compassion, refrain from criticism and judgement and many others which are very important within intercultural relationships, with a goal to help young learners become active and positive citizens of the world.

If you wish to join HUPE Rijeka, contact Dario, your new president at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nataša Žarkov
HUPE Rijeka




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