Croatian Association of Teachers of English

Report - Osijek Branch

The first HUPE Osijek Branch meeting in 2019/ 2020 took place on 12th October 2019 in American corner.

Our first speaker was Ivana Kirin and her topic was ŠzŽ FAQs - iskustva iz petoga razreda eksperimentalnog programa. This topic is very interesting and up to date because of the ongoing curricular reform. There are still a lot of questions that are not answered, and Ivana did a great job answering all our doubts. She led us through four topics, and they are: planning, tablets in class, projects and assessment.  Ivana talked about her experience in the classroom last year, as her school was one of the experimental schools in the curricular reform. Although all the topics were covered in detail there were still questions. At the end the conclusion was that a process like a curricular reform is extensive and it requires a lot of learning from teachers as well as students. 


Our second speaker was Marinko Uremović with interactive lecture The anatomy of a writing task. Marinko showed us how writing is as we all know the most challenging skill for students. It has same components as listening or reading skill. We need pre-writing part, while-writing part and post-writing part. Marinko also gave us an insight how important drafts are for the writing task and for students.  He really dissected a writing task making sure to show every aspect concerning the writing task. From how the teacher should prepare him/herself for the task to how the teacher should prepare the students for the writing task. It was a very useful lecture in which everyone could find something new to learn. 

At the end of the meeting, participants were informed about the news in HUPE and about the upcoming 28th HUPE Conference that will be in Poreč in April 2020.

Kornelije Juranić
Osijek Branch President



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