Croatian Association of Teachers of English


Third HUPE Split branch meeting for the school year 2018/19 was held on May 31, 2019 at Osnovna škola don Lovre Katića. The agenda included:

  1. Ivana Bokavšek: Digital Storytelling 
  2. Alenka Miljević : School for Life in experimental school
  3. AOB

The first part of the meeting included a workshop titled Digital Storytelling. Ivana Bokavšek demonstrated how technology, if applied appropriately and innovatively, can enhance student communication skills. The workshop provided teachers with hands on opportunities to explore ICT tools WordCloud, H5P and Adobe Spark Post that support creative learning and innovative teaching. Ivana offered the specific examples and practical activities designed to spark student curiosity and creativity.

In the  second part of the meeting Alenka Miljević shared  her experience about experimental programme School for life in practice in the round table format. The focus was on planning, assessment and use of new technologies in teaching. Fourteen English teachers actively took part in the discussion.  

We are thankful to all the participants for joining and making the meeting dynamic and productive!

Vanja Fazinić
HUPE Split Branch President



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