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The third HUPE Rijeka Branch meeting was held at Gradska knjižnica Rijeka, ogranak Trsat – American Corner in Rijeka on May 11th, 2019. Twenty members attended the meeting. 

The agenda included:

  1. Ana Inić and Marina Mrazovac:Co-teaching grammar
  2. Dorina Badurina:Investigating content and language integrated learning in Croatia
  3. Nataša Žarkov: 27th Annual International Conference in Poreč

The first workshop was held by Ana Inić, from Prirodoslovna i grafička škola Rijeka, and Marina Mrazovac, from Glazbena škola Ivana Matetića Ronjgova. The aim of this workshop was to offer first-hand co-teaching experience in grammar lesson design. Certain grammatical structures, such as causative have can be quite challenging for students to acquire. Using various methods can be a useful tool in overcoming those obstacles. One such method is co-teaching.

The aim of the second workshop, held by Dorina Badurina from Srednja škola Ljudevita Adamića, was to familiarize the teachers with the CLIL approach and its characteristics in Europe and Croatia.  Moreover, the presentation aimed to provide insights into teachers' thoughts and concerns about the challenges and benefits of CLIL obtained as a part of a case study in Andrija Ljudevit Adamić High School in Rijeka. Although CLIL is seen as an innovative approach that promotes linguistic diversity in education, CLIL warrants more attention from national institutions, higher education programmes, and secondary education policies.

Nataša Žarkov, HUPE Branch President, talked about 27thHUPE Conference held in April in Poreč.

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Nataša Žarkov
HUPE Rijeka



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