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The first HUPE Rijeka Branch meeting was held at Gradska knjižnica Rijeka, ogranak Trsat – American Corner in Rijeka on October 27th, 2018. Thirty-three members attended the meeting.
The agenda included:

  1. Ana Galac: Something Old and Something New
  2. Sanja Rašković: The magic of storytelling
  3. AOB

The first workshop was held by Ana Galac, the teacher in Pučko otvoreno učilište Velika Gorica. The workshop gave some simple activities that keep students motivated to do boring everyday tasks by using balloons, toilet paper, photographs, and multi coulored hats. In the world of technology and QR codes, Youtube and other internet devices students sometimes prefer something old, which in their world becomes something new. Through these activities students feel more motivated to speak, revise vocabulary or grammar related topic, see things from different point of view and develop critical thinking.

Sanja Rašković, the teacher in Global Lingua School in Zaprešić, talked about storytelling as a method of EFL teaching. Stories create magic and boost imagination and therefore can be a very powerful and magical tool used in teaching! We tell stories every day. When we talk about our day, or tell a joke to somebody, or simply speak about something that happened to us. And we all like listening to the stories. Why not use them in the classroom then. Not just the readymade stories. Why not create stories with our students with the grammar and vocabulary they already know. It’s not difficult and it’s not time consuming but it can be really fun! In this workshop Sanja demonstrated some exercises and showed how easily you can create stories with your students. It was a practical workshop with many ideas that can be immediatelly taken and used in the classroom.
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Nataša Žarkov
HUPE Rijeka



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