Croatian Association of Teachers of English

The Second HUPE Zagorje Branch Meeting

Dragi svi,

pozivam vas sve na 2. sastanak naše podružnice u ovoj školskoj godini, koji će se održati u prostorijama srednje škole Bedekovčina (Ljudevita Gaja 1, Bedekovčina - besplatan parking), u petak 14.2.2020. s početkom u 16 sati i dnevnim redom kako slijedi:

    What constitutes a game? Why use games in English class? How and when can I use games in my class? These questions will be discussed and a wide variety of traditional classroom games will be explored. Handouts will be provided.
    Melinda Tupek is originally from Canada and has almost 30 years of experience teaching primary pupils. She has been a primary English  teacher in Croatia for the past 16 years.
  2. Barbara Hanjilec: A wee talk on Northern Ireland
    A workshop on culture and how to bring it closer to your students.
    Barbara Hanjilec is our colleague from ŠUDIGO Zabok with tons of experience and great ideas as always.
  3. Gordana Bujanić Tretinjak: WHYs and HOWs​ of making short videos in the classroom
    A workshop on putting students' mobiles to good use - teach them how to make video materials. ​Motivate them to activate their creativity,​ ​their knowledge​, ​and ​their skills ​by using their phones...​
  4. HUPE news - Conference and buses
  5. AOB​

​Očekuje vas dobro društvo kolega, ugodna atmosfera, kava, sokovi i keksi!

Molim prijavite svoj dolazak na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. najkasnije do 13.2. kako bismo lakše planirali i proveli edukaciju.

Veselim vam se!​

Gordana Bujanić Tretinjak, prof.
HUPE Zagorje branch president
Srednja škola Bedekovčina



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