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The third HUPE Varaždin Branch meeting

The third HUPE Varaždin Branch meeting was held on May 11, 2017 at Osnovna škola Orehovica (Školska ulica 2, Orehovica, Međimurje).

It was attended by 10 teachers (two teachers cancelled their arrival).

Our presenters were Irena Žiger and Anita Parlaj - Narančić from Škola stranih jezika Žiger. Both of them held great workshops.

Ms Irena Žiger held a workshop EPG – what can you do with it? She introduced us with EPG – the European Profiling Grid. It is a tool for assessing language teacher competencies.

Ms Anita Parlaj – Narančić decided to play with us so she had a workshop From the past to the future – learning is playing! She showed us many different techniques of learning through playing games with children.

It was another great day with many interesting ideas and nice people.

Thank you all for coming and hope to see you soon again!

Best regards,

Adela Tompoš
HUPE Varaždin Branch President

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The HUPE Branch Karlovac meeting

It was a great plasure for HUPE Branch Karlovac to host Mark Andrews for two days at the end of his tour in Slavonia. He stayed with us on 26 and 27 May 2017. First day, Mark did the sightseeings and saw three of four Karlovac rivers. In the evening, he joined the Prom night of students of Industry and Trade Vocational School in Karlovac, which came as a surprise for Mark. There was a lot of fun and dance...

The HUPE Branch Karlovac meeting was held on 27 May 2017 at 10 30 a.m. in Knjižnica za mlade, Banjavčićeva 2, Karlovac. The meeting was attended by eighteen teachers and students.

Mark Andrews, a training director at SOL-Services for Open Learning, North Devon, ran a workshop „Britain, Manchester, doing the here and now in the classroom".

As Mark Andrews said, most of his workshops on methodology are concerned with how can teachers present a certain topic in class and transfer knowledge to students teaching them at the same time very important values. The workshop dealt with various practical activities to help teachers in developing students' chritical thinking skills and discussion competences.

For this purpose, Mark started the workshop with a short presentation and the activities related to local history, merging the interesting details from the history of Karlovac with those of Great Britain.

Many of the activities were designed to reflect on past and present and to encourage students to participate activelly in creating better future by building a better regional cooperation, keeping and respecting at the same time local and national values. Students were itroduced to a few practical ways which can help resolve differences and misunderstandings and generate enthusiasm and seek cooperation.

The workshop also enabled teachers and students to have a deeper insight into the world of the media and its power to influence people and create opinions.

Both teachers and students enjoyed the workshop very much.

Dubravka Lapčić
HUPE Branch Karlovac President
Industry and Trade Vocational School
Domobranska 2

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The fourth and the last Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch meeting

The fourth and the last Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch meeting in this school year was held on May 3, 2017 and was attended by 14 teachers.

We started off with a workshop Teaching English with CLIL run by Nikolina Reder (sponsored by Alfa). Ms Reder presented wonderful ways of motivating our students for work and raising their interest in cross-curricular topics. A lively discussion developed on best ways of teaching content language and language itself.

Three students attending second grade of Ekonomsko-birotehnička škola (Julija Lubina, Aneta Grgić and Nensi Dubac) shared with us their experience of English all around Festival which was held in Zagreb in March this year. They won the third place in the Film category. They also presented their video Rural Tourism to English teachers attending the meeting.

After that we watched a presentation on 25 years of HUPE, prepared by Ms Dubravka Despot and shown at this year's HUPE conference. We found our colleagues and friends in the pictures and remembered many wonderful moments at the conferences we have attended.

Finally, we (unanimously) elected the new president of Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch, Ms Nikolina Pranjić, who is going to take over the branch with the beginning of the new school year.

I would like to make this report a bit personal and say a few things about being a HUPE member "on the other side" (a member of the Executive Board). Over the past four years I have really enjoyed working with all members of the board(s). I have met a lot of wonderful, energetic, creative and enthusiastic people willing to invest their time and effort for the greater good – the good of all English teachers in Croatia. I really look forward to meeting them all and chatting with them at HUPE conferences in the future.

I don't hope, but know that HUPE will continue to grow and attract many more awesome people like Marinko, Sanja, Ivana, Željka, Dubravka, Sara, Ana, Lidija, Suzana, Adela, Dajana, Lana, Dubravka, Davorka, Anita, Fani, Branka... I hope I have not left anyone out.

Slavonski Brod HUPE Branch President
Mirta Kos Kolobarić

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Our third meeting was held on 3rd February 2017 again in collaboration with American Corner and Ms Marina Lončar. It took place in Multimedia Hall at the Children's Department of the City Library.

This time our guest was an American diplomat,Mr Christian Wright who works at the American Embassy in Zagreb. Mr Wright has been a diplomat for 14 years and has served several countries before coming to Croatia. He is in charge of the Public Affairs Department at the Embassy.

The title was U.S.Holidays: American Public Holidays and Their Reason for Being. It was a very interesting evening. Many topics were dealt with because teachers had so many questions. One of the most interesting things was discovering that many of the public holidays are on Monday!

We also spoke about the Native Americans,the life in Croatia,inevitable comparisons, guns , travelling, advantages and disadvantages of being a diplomat. Mr Wright pointed out how this way of life involves constant learning which keeps one younger. Croatia is a very popular destination among diplomats, and one of the major beauties of Zagreb is that it is so compact,walkable and safe.We couldn't agree more.

After his talk,I informed fellow teachers about our 25th Conference and announced that there will be three speakers from the Embassy. They are: Ms Jacqueline Stefkovich ,who will talk about Ethical issues for teachers; Ms Marina Lončar, who will tell us about American Corners in Croatia, and Ms Erin McHugh who will have a live lesson with students from Primary School Brodarica.

Finally, at this conference we will have students volunteers from Zagreb and Zadar Universities,future teachers ( 5th year students). This is a very important part of their education and a great help for all of us who organise such a big event.

We also talked about organised transport to the Conference which will be organised as usual.

There were 40 teachers and it was a great way to spend a Friday evening.

I would like to thank Ms Maca Bahlen from the Embassy who organises students visits to the Embassy and who is a great help for us,teachers, as well!

Lana Duka Zupanc
HUPE Zagreb

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The second Zagreb branch meeting was held on 8th December in Knjižnice grada Zagreba .This was our first meeting in cooperation with American Corner Zagreb , led by Ms Marina Lončar. American Corner in Zagreb is a partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Croatia and City Library Bogdan Ogrizović.

There were 30 teachers and librarians who also joined our meeting.

Our speaker was Ms Jacqueline Stefkovich from Pennsylvania State University. Ms Stefkovich is a Fulbright Scholar in Croatia and professor Emeritus in Educational Leadership . The talk was Students Free Speech Rights in U.S. Primary and Secondary Schools.

Under the U.S.Constitution,students have free speech rights.However,these rights are limited in the school setting. Professor Stefkovich has written and conducted research on this topic for many years. In her talk she discussed free speech issues such as student protests, school uniforms and dress codes,school newspapers,cyberbullying and use of cell phones in schools.

We compared the practice in American and Croatian schools, but we also discussed many other various cultural topics. Ms Stefkovich expressed her excitement for being a speaker at the 25th HUPE Conference which will be held in Šibenik in March.

I also informed teachers about the possibility of bringing students for an organised visit to the American Embassy. It is a well-organized event that both students and teachers enjoy. Speaking from my own experience, our students loved talking to diplomats as much as they loved talking to the Marines who work there.

Hopefully we shall meet again at American Corner. I want to thank Ms Lončar for hospitality and enthusiasm.

Lana Duka Zupanc
HUPE Zagreb

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