Croatian Association of Teachers of English

The second HUPE Karlovac Branch meeting report

It has been a great pleasure to host a colleague from Finland, Mr. Jyrki Vesa Tapio Tonder, as a presenter at HUPE - Karlovac second meeting on 16 October 2017 in Vocational Industry and trade School, Karlovac.
Vesa Tonder kindly accepted my invitation to hold a presentation on Finnish education system, reform and the School of the future for Croatian Association of Teachers of English - Branch Karlovac.
The presentation has given us a better insight not only into the structure of the Finnish education but also the values of the Finnish society and reasons why it has been regarded as the most successful in the world.
"I am very proud that in Finland we are never satisfied and that we are hungry for always better and better solutions in education!", said Vesa Tonder. 
Youtube video "Cilj sretna i znatiželjna djeca-prilog Trend TV 17.10.2017. : 
Dubravka Lapčić
HUPE Karlovac Branch president


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