Croatian Association of Teachers of English

The first meeting of HUPE Rijeka Branch

The first meeting of HUPE Rijeka Branch in new school year was held on 23th September 2017 at Gradska knjižnica Rijeka – Trsat. Our fabulous hosts - American Corner Rijeka offered their beautifully decorated space and all modern technology. Two workshops were held by HUPE Croatia board members Ana Galac and Dubravka Blažić and Anita Jokić gave a report from IATEFL Poland conference. About thirty members attend the Saturday morning meeting, had loads of laugh and hugs and went home with new ideas once more.

The teachers who were present unanimously voted Nataša Žarkov the branch president for the next two years, and we wish her a lot of success in presiding HUPE Rijeka.

Summaries of workshops:

Ana Galac: English in Town
When they come to our school, our students want to learn how to communicate. After they had finished their conversation classes it was time to test what they have learned so far. We went to Zagreb where the students had to pretend they were tourists.
How was the task set up? How did they feel after the trip? What are the pros and cons of organising such a trip? Find out in the presentation „English in Town“.

Dubravka Blažić: Mnemotechniques
Metaphors and associations are powerful instruments which help us memorize and make sense of certain concepts, words, structures and even pronunciation. We will mention intelligence, Triune Brain Theory, synaptic connections and linking ideas. Some metaphors and associations will be shared with the participants to help them make their teaching easier and happier.

Anita Jokić, prof.
HUPE Rijeka Branch President 



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