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The second HUPE Zagorje Branch meeting

Dear colleagues,2nd HUPE Zagorje3
the second HUPE Zagorje Branch meeting will take place on the 11th December 2017 (Monday) at 5.30 pm at Vocational school Bedekovčina (SŠ Bedekovčina, Ljudevita Gaja 1, 49221 Bedekovčina).

Here are the treats we have prepared for you this time:

1. Pearson workshop - Conrad Kellett: How to Maintain Motivation for Learning for Students of B1 and above

A wise person once said “It’s not so much that I began to run, but that I continued.”

Often in our classrooms we have difficulty maintaining the motivation of higher level students to continue the run. They can get by pretty well in English, they do well in most of their tests, can follow films, sit coms, gossip about the Kardashians, and engage in online computer games. What can we do to help them reach their true potential? In this workshop we will explore various techniques we can employ to keep alive the impetus to strive for a higher level of both spoken and written language ability.
We will include some classroom activities which appeal to different students whether they are intrinsic, extrinsic, deep, strategic, surface or that beloved teenage gem of just down right lazy learners.​

2. Irena Pavlović, prof. savjetnik: Controversy in the Classroom

Religious intolerance. Homosexual marriages. Abortion. Legalization of drugs. Minority issues. And so on… The number of topics that arouse strong feelings and have a tendency to create or reinforce divisions between people engendering suspicion and mistrust is growing daily. What should we do with these, controversial, issues in the classroom? Ignore them and let students deal with them on their own? Or include them in the curricula and approach them systematically? If you think the latter is the right choice, then this workshop – discussing the why and how of teaching controversial issues – is for you.

We kindly ask you to register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5th December at the latest.

See you there!



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